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BBBenefits has a online booking system. You can use the below form to book your Hypnotherapy Session. Your preferred appointment time will be confirmed via email.

Some health funds cover members of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association. Please check directly with your health fund to determine if hypnotherapy is covered.

You are able to send me an email requesting that I send you a “Client Intake Form” that you are required to fill in on your first session and bring it with you to save you the need to fill that in when you first arrive. If you have a desktop computer I will send you a form that as an attachment. To fill in the form, you need to take the form to your desktop – from where you are able to fill the form in through typing on it. As you scroll down there is a ‘SEND’ button, when you click on that your mail server will open up with my email and your form attached to send it to me. click ‘Send’ as you would on a normal email, and it will come to my email. I will print it and have it waiting for you to date and sign when you arrive.

If you only have a Smart Phone, I can still send you an attachment, where you can see what you will be asked to fill in. You are able to write on a piece of paper the information required, and when you bring that with you, we can staple that to the form.

  • Weekend appointments available.
  • I have experience working with children.



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