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Your therapist is Bruni Brewin owner and founder of BBBenefits
A Life Member and President Emeritus of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association



“As a therapist with my many years in practice, my clients have taught me a lot . I have learnt things you can’t get out of a text book.  With 4 years as National Secretary and 9 years as National President of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association and now President Emeritus, this demonstrates my commitment to the profession and helping people find a natural and drug-free way of connecting to health, happiness and wellbeing. I am also a Counsellor/psychotherapist and have other training which you can see by clicking on ‘About’.  I have moved to Bowral NSW in the Southern Highlands, however I am needing to change how I work my practice, until further notice.  This has been put into place necessitated by surgery and rehabilitation due 5th November 2019.

  • Skype sessions – Client Session for Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy — Local & Interstate —
  • Face-to-face at your premises —
  • Small Groups on a specific health issue — Minimum 6 people —
  • Workshops in Campbelltown NSW, and Parramatta NSW for specific advanced health issues training for Health Practitioners and Clients;
    • Separate workshops for Health Practitioners and Clients — 2 presenters with different modes of working for the same issue —

Send your queries for details about any of the above by writing to me from the Contact Page


#Hypnotherapy deals with feelings and emotions which are a part of our programming and no matter who we are or what our belief system is, feelings and emotions are something we all have in common. Our beliefs and perceptions about things can differ because of our individual culture, upbringing, memories and the things that have happened to us, however, what you believe becomes truth to you. Sometimes that truth turns out not to be truth and it is just something said by others that became our own belief, or something that happened that made us believe that. What really matters when all is said and done is that we live with peace in our soul and love in our heart, and not have anxiety and fear within.


#Stress can affect immunity in various ways – it can depress that part of the immune system that can protect you from infection and cancer. It can also change our immune system and cause it to attack the body. We know that if a person is feeling good, their immune system can be functioning normally, and also the hormones in their body are likely to be normal.  However, if they are not feeling good, it can then increase the chance of illness. #Hypnosis,  #Self hypnosis and #Meditation are areas so important for all of us to learn, because this can influence the amount of stress in the body, in fact it has been scientifically proven that they are able to improve immunity and also improve body hormones. It will depend on the knowledge of your therapist on what works best for you. #Hypnosis, is just a lowered brainwave state to access your #subconscious, then you need to know how to create changes at that level to achieve what you want.


Hypnotherapy is part of the area of Complementary Medicine. One of the key principles of complementary medicine is the emphasis on viewing the concept of ‘health’ in a different way than the conventional medical model. Complementary medicine views health as not merely as an absence of disease. Instead, health is described as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being’. In this definition of health not only is disease absent, but all systems of the human body are actively working in harmony to create balance. An individual’s health depends on factors beyond just the physical body. That is, genuine health also depends on the emotional, mental and spiritual states of the body, as well as lifestyle factors such as your surrounding environment.*


Investigating the placebo effect strongly supports the complementary medical model of health, which presents the mind and body as inextricably linked. Studies conducted on this phenomenon show that a patient receiving a placebo will, in about 30%+ of clinical trials, show improvement, if not full recovery.* The belief of a patient in the treatment that they receive facilitates the body’s recovery process, demonstrating the effect of the mind on the physical body. By the same token we also have the nocebo effect where the mind believes it is sick and cannot heal and so brings that about. But both demonstrate the power of the mind at the subconscious level and supports the use of #hypnotherapy that deals in making changes in the subconscious.  Arthur Schopenhauer said: “The greatest of follies is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness.” It is up to us to cause wellness and not wait until we are sick and need medication.


It is important that you know that you can trust and feel safe with your therapist and to question if they are able to help your issue. One of the ways of being able to show you that, is for those that have been here to say a few words about their experience. I am grateful to those clients that did allow me to post their thoughts. Please click on the ‘Testimonials‘ link and hear what they had to say. However, please remember that you won’t find issues that a person would not want others to know about. Feel free to phone or email me from the ‘Contact‘ page and ask if I can help you with your personal issue. A client rang me up one time and asked if I dealt with ‘Trichotillomania’.  I didn’t know what that label covered and did some research on it. You can read about that client session here…


Educational Portal – There is a lot of information on this site that you are able to access through the links shown to the right of the BBBenefits logo, at the bottom of the header picture and we will be working on an Educational Portal site behind the scenes, so please check back to see what’s new. This is taking a lot longer than we had hoped. No doubt the Universe has a reason for this and the time is not yet right. The educational portal will have –

  • Hypnotherapy audio solutions for ‘Self Hypnosis’,  ‘Health Therapy visualisations and suggestions’, incorporating
    • binaural beats/relaxation music
  • Health & Wellness Courses, and
  • Workshops by experts in their field
  • Books

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Warm wishes, Bruni Brewin


*source: National Institute of Integrative Medicine