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For example, one person who came to give up the smoking habit, came for two sessions in 2009 and did not give up smoking at that time.  Two years later they came back again for another two sessions and this time achieved to release the habit.  There was an issue that had prevented the client from making changes that we had not come across in our earlier sessions.

Just like a Doctor cannot guarantee that a particular medication will work for you, the doctor knows what works most of the time.   I cannot guarantee that what works most of the time for most people will work for you until we do the session.   It takes the both of us to work out what will work for you.   

A lot of (if not most) people come here after they have tried many conventional methods that have not worked for them.  Don’t let that deter you.  Hypnosis deals with your inner feeling and emotional mind (sub-conscious) which is the power-house of who we really are.  Be assured that it is in my interests to make changes for you in the quickest possible time.  I rely on you to be happy with my service so that you refer more people to me.

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