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Thursday 13 August 2020




Adam Andrzejewski is the founder and CEO of, the world’s largest database of public sector spending,

whether at the federal, state, or local level.

The talk took place on Mar 6, 2020 at Hillsdale College – We need one of these in Australia


Q – The group that is part of the plan to get rid of the cabal (evil)


This is the Stuntman who was injured in the film ‘Out of the Shadows’

He broke his back and then researched.


Military Intelligence Operations have exposed the cabal x27 S Plan to take over the USA

_________________________________________________________ This throws light on CIA Director Gina Haspel manning the Dominion Server in Frankfurt Germany and the military that brought it back to USA for evidence.

_____________________________________________________________________________  gives you some more information. Within it are Pence-Ryan Emails that you can read. Also you have Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, explanations that still work. Some links have been taken down.


When you read this and when you read what they did to this whistle-blower think of the risk he took to make sure Lin Wood got the information.

And that doesn’t include what is going to happen with the overseas infiltration. As we are hearing; “We are at war fighting a take-over to communism and a one world order.”


Mike Lindell Dominion Suit – The Biggest First Amendment Lawsuit Ever


Mike Lindell, Mary Fanning, and Brannon Howse present the Docu-movie ‘Absolute Proof’ exposing election fraud – I saw this video and saw the proof, so I can recommend you have a look.  Scroll down on the site till you see the below picture.  The Forensic evidence showing the overseas infiltration into data fraud starts at 1hr:35seconds. This is absolute proof of cyber-warfare.


Letter 1 – Alexander Cooney, Senior Constable Coffs/Clarence Highway Patrol, NSW Police Force Grafton Police Station – and other signatories

Letter 2 – Kevin Dawson, Senior Constable, New South Wales Police Force, Public Order & Riot Squad

Available on the above site

Sign to support these Officers fighting on our behalf with hard science. You can sign as a Police officer, Other forces or as a concerned Civilian. This is a legitimate ‘COPS FOR COVID TRUTH’ site.


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