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On the ‘Education link’ you will find progressively an increase of  therapeutic ‘Hypnotherapy audio solutions’ for you to purchase and download to listen to as often as you would like.

You will be able to purchase and download videos that will be made up showing a PowerPoint or workshop presentation of the subject of the video –

  • The subject of the video will run you through research on that topic.
  • The subject of the video will show you a filmed demonstration of a hypnotherapy technique that you can use to deal with that topic.
  • You will be able to download the Acrobat pdf video slides.
  • You will be able to download any suggested forms used in the video.
  • You will automatically be advised when the next video has been uploaded to the site.

On the purchase of your first video, you will move from paying the normal price of the video to become a ‘Discount Member’ where any subsequent video’s you may wish to subscribe to will be discounted. From time to time there will be ‘Specials’ available.

If you subscribe a newsletter will be sent to you of new products, (books, courses, workshops, audios or videos) that are being loaded on to the BBBenefits website from time to time.  You have the option to unsubscribe from these at any time.

You will see pictures of the current video’s available.  Clicking on the picture will take you to a window giving you details about that video.  A purchase icon will be on the page to proceed to purchase the right to view the subject topic(s) complete with the download(s) for that video.

Feel free to contact us and advise a topic you would like to see featured in a future video, or any suggestion(s) you may want to advise about any video that you have seen.

please come back occasionally to check