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cancer-389921__180What Can Hypnosis And Other Complementary Medicine Methods Do For Cancer?

  • Release fear and anxiety.
  • Boost your immune system and healing.
  • Give you details of survivors  of cancer now 20 + years later, who are still fine and what they did to make that happen.
  • Teach you Body Mind Programming (BMP) that shows you how to access your inner computer.
  • Visualisation for Healing.
  • Calm and relax the autonomic nervous system.
  • Show you how to use Self-hypnosis.
  • Show you how to use visualisation.
  • Show you how to meditate.
  • Show you how to use energy psychology (EFT).
  • Increase your motivation.
  • Teach you pain control.

These are things I can teach you to empower you to become stronger in your resolve to heal yourself.

Research tells us that every medical research requires that a placebo (a chalk pill for example, that has nothing in it that can heal).  It is used as a control… some people will get the real medicine while others will get the placebo.  In this way, it shows if the medicine is doing the healing and is better than the placebo. It has been found that there are 30% of people that get better or even heal themselves when taking the placebo.  This shows us that we have our own internal healing system which is dependant on our beliefs and perceptions.

Up until recently, patients were not advised which they were getting, (the real medicine or the placebo). But recent studies have shown that even when a doctor advises them that they are getting nothing more than the placebo, some people still start their own inner healing knowing that. So, despite the patient knowing they were taking the placebo, some patients still healed.

On June 3, 2018 a study advised that more breast cancer patients can safely forgo chemotherapy.  According to a new study, A 21-gene test performed on tumours could enable most patients with the most common type of early breast cancer to safely forgo chemotherapy. If you would like to read more on this go here…

Vicktor Frankl,  psychiatrist and holocaust  survivor in his search for meaning, who brought out the therapy – Logotherapy (To find meaning and purpose in our life)

Quote: “There are many people who struggle every day for one reason or  another.  For some it is from birth, for others it is through some mishap during their life.”

Frankl says; “Things determine each other, but man is ultimately self-determining.  What he becomes – within the limits of endownment and environment – he has made out of himself.

In the concentration camps, for example, in this living laboratory and on this testing ground, we watched and witnessed some of our comrades behave like swine while others behaved like saints.  Man has both potentialities within himself; which one is actualized depends on decisions but not on conditions.”

He says there is a mathematical equation to ‘Despair’: D = S – M,   “Despair is suffering without meaning – giving a situation a different meaning, you can change tragedy into triumph.”

Frankl’s chance to survive the holocaust was 29-1.  He says, “we cannot prove any philosophy.”  He could not be 100% certain that he would survive the gas chamber.  However, he could choose how to deal with this and in that he found a meaning for himself during those dark days.

At times when we may be experiencing our own dark night.  He reminds us that “it is our ‘attitude’ that will determine what we do with it.”

The below links are resources to gain knowledge to empower you to learn just how powerful your mind-body connection is from professional experts.  Researching these is able to empower you to include complementary medicine to assist you in your journey to wellness.

DIAPHRAGMATIC BREATHING – For thousands of years, humans have understood breathing has a powerful influence over our physical and mental wellbeing.   But many people still find it difficult to understand the link and impact breathing has on our body and emotions.  Learn diaphragmatic breathing that benefits chronic pain, anxiety, stress and other health issues through releasing tenseness in the body and see/feel the benefits that this breathing brings for your health – see this article here…  (click arrow back link from article to return to this page.)

EPIGENETICS – Cell biologist Bruce Lipton – He started his career by researching stem cells 50 years ago. Although this interview occurred in Germany and the interview is shown on a German website, where the upfront introduction is in German, the interview with Lipton is in English.  Host Heidi Wichmann interviewing Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. on The Power of Your Subconscious – The mind is stronger than your genes.  Watch interview here…    (click arrow back link on site to return to this page.)

LAUGHTER YOGA is another benefit that you might like to bring into your life.  Instructions and benefits explained by Dr. Madan Kataria Phd – Founder of Laughter Yoga Movement – click here…  (click arrow back link on u-tube to return to this page)

ACTIVATING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM – Master Mantak Chia was named Qigong Master of the Year by the International Congress of Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong, in 1990 and again in 2012. This is the only time that one master recipient received the award twice. Something worth investigating.  Immune System Activating by Grandmaster Mantak Chia  click here…  (click arrow back link on u-tube to return to this page)


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