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You may have heard of the saying; “The cigarette does the smoking – You’re just the sucker!” 


It was certainly true for me before I became a non-smoker.  What started off as a habit… now had its truly ugly addiction fixed on the smoker… Me!  Whether it is smoking tobacco or e-cigs, it is like you have become a slave to your addiction.  Is that what you truly want?  Is it helping you cope with stress?  Maybe! Has it just become a habit? Do you systematically want to damage your body? See long-term smoking damage on this page here…  I suggest you don’t!


On ABC Health Minutes Dr. Norman Swan advised that the review of the medical literature shows cannabis use is linked to psychotic illness and the more cannabis, the higher the risk.

*Note of caution:  Marijuana seems to be one of the highest used today for relaxation purposes.  There are more and more people coming to give up the use of marijuana because of symptoms that include memory loss and hearing voices.  (Drug-induced schizophrenia)


Don’t be fooled by all the hype about smoking e-cigs being better for you.  Remember the marketing about cigarettes having nothing to do with illness or lung cancer?  The bottom line is making money out of you, Corporations are not interested in your health.  You can read what we know about this new habit by clicking here

Benefits To Quitting Smoking –

As well as reducing your risk of getting a smoking-related illness, there are other benefits to quitting smoking.

General health improves – more energy, breathe easier, better concentration…

Your sense of taste and smell improve. (without the need to put on weight if your therapist negotiates that outcome with your subconscious.)

Your heart will be less strained and work more efficiently.

The small hair called cilia that become clogged and paralyzed, are able to come back and do their function of cleaning your airways and lungs.

Your memory and concentration will improve – your body now gaining more oxygen.

You will feel more relaxed as the toxins and chemicals leave your body.

Your skin, hair, nails, will improve, (even more so if you eat healthy food and eliminate junk food by having that only occasionally). Cutting down on alcohol and adding a small amount of exercise and you won’t know yourself.

Stopping smoking is one of the single biggest things you can do to improve your health.

I know, because I was a smoker for 25 years, and I am here more than 30 years later to share this story with you. If you would like to read my story to becoming a nonsmoker all those years ago, before I knew anything about hypnotherapy, click here…
I started smoking at the age of 15 when I started work – it was the ‘in-thing’ to do and made me feel grown up…  It was part of who I was…

What Am I Releasing Apart From Smoking?

More than 97% of all COPD-related deaths occur in people older than age 64.  Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is persistent narrowing (obstruction) of the airways occurring with emphysema, chronic obstructive bronchitis, or both disorders.

Stroke… leg amputation…. Lung cancer… emphysema…  One day my mind said:  “What are you going to do, wait till you get there?”  Seeing these things happen to others was when I decided to become a non-smoker. (More details of the many negative health issues caused by smoking can be found on my own story link above.)

Does Hypnotherapy Work In Releasing The Smoking Habit?

If you look at my video testimonial’s page here… you can hear a client who smoked approximately 45 a day, sometimes up to 80 – 90 on a weekend who is now a nonsmoker after two sessions.  If he can do it, so can you.  So don’t leave it to become a statistic.  When you leave my office, you should have no craving, no withdrawal symptoms, just not wanting to smoke anymore – and no putting on weight by putting food in your mouth instead.

Another past smoker brought his little 4-year-old daughter for help. He advised me that he had been a non-smoker for 2.1/2 years since he came to see me. He said; “After I came, all 9 people in the office came to you. They all stopped smoking in just the 1 session.  You can see that on the video testimonial page too.

It would be my pleasure to help you on your journey back to long-term Health and Wellness. Don’t leave it too long, take stock of what your body is telling you.  If you feel that you have tried everything without success, it simply means that what you have tried so far hasn’t worked. That can be due to the method used, the therapist or you. It is my job as a therapist to work out with you what needs to happen to cause you success in giving up when you come to see me.

Most people give up in 1 or 2 sessions.

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