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When you’re lying awake in bed trying to fall asleep, it seems like your mind is running on endlessly, thinking of this or that. It’s almost like you’re thinking 10 times more than when you’re just normally awake.

You’re laying in bed, wishing you could force your mind not to think. “For goodness sake just let me go to sleep.  I just want to get some sleep!”  And you lie there seeing the hands of the clock go round the hours.

Sound familiar?

So how do you stop it?  How did it start?

Was there a time when you had to stay awake to keep safe?

Was there a time you were, or are you anxious?  (see anxiety and stress…)

Did not sleeping become a habit?

Could it be sleep apnea… snoring…?

Is overweight part of the problem?

You just don’t know?

It is always best to get things checked out with your health practitioner first.  When the results show there is nothing medically wrong, but you can relate to a happening or anxiety, it would benefit you to see a hypnotherapist to assist you to release old emotions and change the pattern of your thinking.

There are techniques of teaching you to focus on your breathing… Listening to an MP3 tape designed  to lower your brainwaves so you can slip easily into a relaxation that can send you to sleep through suggestions designed to do just that.  For an MP3 click on the ‘Store’ navigation link on the ‘home’ page.

Diaphragmatic Breathing is a number 1 contender to getting you off to sleep.  See the instructions below and learn how to do it.  Simple, yet has so many more benefits than you can ever realise.  And you will see what these are by scrolling from slide to slide at your own pace.

Progressive relaxation is another good technique to try.  Take your mind to different parts of your body, each time relaxing that part of the body that you have taken your mind to.  Each finger, each toe, top of the head, soles of the feet, your jaw, your eyebrows, nose… etc… etc… Each time relaxing that part.  You will be surprised how your mind will want to wonder off on its own instead of focusing where you want it to.  Just gently bring it back when you notice your mind doing that and continue with the relaxation.

As your hypnotherapist I will look for cause.  What started the problem and work to release that.  Use visualisation and suggestions to get you back on track.

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