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Stuttering and stammering, may be described as spasmodic speech defects, resulting in a sudden check in the flow of words, of a rapid repetition of a consonant or consonants with which the person has difficulty.  Usually the difficulty is with the sounds p, b, m, and w, which are sounds made by the lips.  Stuttering and Hypnosis may be able to help you with that.

The stutterer or stammerer does not, however, always have difficulty with the same sounds.  His emotional state at the time of speaking may be a factor in how he speaks.

Stuttering or stammering is almost never due to any organic weakness, either in the organs used in speaking or in the nerves and nerve centers that control them.  Physical factors may, however, sometimes aggravate it.  The doctor will first make sure that inflammation of adenoids, abnormal length of uvula, abnormal size of the tongue, and improper development of the mouth are not involved.

Often children who stutter develop behaviour changes; a fear of appearing ridiculous produces a subsequent lack of confidence.  Persons naturally left handed but trained to use their right hand stammer more frequently than others, and males more often than females.  Anyone acutely embarrassed or terrified is likely to stammer, until his emotion is under control.  Stammering is usually and expression of self-consciousness, shyness, or fear.

In an eager youngster, however, it may be nothing more than failure to keep up with his rapid flow of thought; words and thoughts are conceived faster than they can be expressed.

Stammerer’s almost always can sing and talk to themselves quite fluently.

Because stuttering and stammering are primarily conditions, which have emotional causes, treatment is directed toward the person’s mental conflicts.  When the conflict is solved, the person will probably regain self-confidence and the speech defect disappears.  The person with a speech defect may benefit from special speech correction classes.  A class may be preferable to personal instruction.

Source: the New illustrated Medical and Health Encyclopedia – Odhams Books Ltd – London, UK.  Edited by Morris Fishbein, M.D. with the collaboration of 60 Leading Specialists in Medicine and Surgery.

In Hypnosis I have found many reasons that have eliminated the need to stutter.  The fear of the first day in kindergarten… A twin always talking over the top of you just as you were about to say something, and you take a sharp in-breath to bite your own words back…  A mother who always finished her son’s sentences for him…

Mum and Dad arguing and you stuttered as a baby which stopped them while they turned their attention to you – can make a decision for you, even as a baby, to stutter each time they argues.  You had learnt a tool that works!  When you grow up of course, you can’t remember doing that – in the interim mum and dad have been worried about you and taken you to all sorts of specialists to help to stop stuttering.

So the question i

s; “Is it a physical disorder [very unlikely but not impossible according to the above], or an emotional disorder?”   Your subconscious would know.

So if you or your child stutter or stammer, hypnosis may be just the thing to help you stop that.

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