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What are the important factors to make a marriage work?  “A two-person relationship requires a two-person solution”


What makes you tick/how did you become who you are?

  • Nobody opens up their eyes as a baby and says; “Now, when I grow up, I am going to be….”

Dynamics of upbringing:

  • Depending on what boundaries were set, a one or two parent family, loving or critical parents, your grandparents, life at school – they all make a difference.

Causation of upbringing:

  • Is it hard to trust people, or are you an open book.  Do you keep things to yourself, or are you confident to talk with others without worrying what they might think?

Beliefs and expectancies:

  • Do you think; he will mow the lawn and fix things around the house, while I will cook dinner and do the washing.  He can go out with his mates as he did before we got married, or now he should stay at home most of the time with me.  She should be the one to stay home with the baby, that’s a woman’s job.

A strong sense of commitment to the relationship:

  • I’m fine with wife swapping, a change is as good as a rest.  No way will I allow my partner to find love outside of our marriage.

Trust and Respect:

  • I expect to be treated with consideration and know I can trust my partner unconditionally.  I would need to check the computer or Face Book to see what is happening that I don’t know about.

What are the ‘Past issues’ you have not dealt with:

  • When you think about some aspects of the past, does it bring uncomfortable feelings, anger, fear or anxiety to mind?

Sharing responsibility/Realistic and agreed upon expectations of each other:

  • Does my partner expect that we should act like our parents, or shouldn’t we negotiate what each of us is prepared to do?

Money issues  – how will we handle money and budget:

  • Leave it to one or the other to handle?  Sit down once a week to see how things are and what needs doing?

Together time/Enjoying and valuing time together:

  • What should we do to achieve this?

Alone time/pursuing own goals:

  • Read a book, do a course, join a tennis group – what is acceptable?

Extended Family time/Realistic and agreed upon expectations:

  • I don’t like my partners family and they don’t like me.  I want to avoid visiting them.  I fell I should visit them – how often?

How to deal with disagreeing/conflict/problem solving skills/a willingness to work through it:

  • How can this be achieved?

Effective communication:

  • He should know… or she should have guessed… isn’t good enough.  so what are the rules here?

Nurturing your relationship:

  • Discussing the things that can nurture your relationship.

Forgiveness/accepting forgiveness:

  • Where do we draw the line here?

Shared important ethics and boundaries:

  • The acceptable Do’s and Don’t s.


  • Avoid clashes in having different views on this – let’s talk about it.

A satisfying sexual relationship/how often/likes/dislikes:

  • There is no right or wrong, unless it is wrong to you.  So let’s talk about it.

Other issues of importance relevant to each couple.

  • Your stuff that hasn’t been talked about above.

Wouldn’t it be helpful, that you make a plan so you are one of the couples that enjoy life together?

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