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Every feeling and every emotion you have, releases chemicals inside your brain and body.  If you have happy thoughts, feel calm and are content with who you are, life runs smoothly and you are healthy and well balanced individual.  If on the other hand, you feel anxious, fearful or lean toward comfort eating or drinking, participate in activities such as smoking or gambling or are genuinely not kind to your body this too can release chemicals and tension which could lead to health issues and disease.

The practice of hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to access the subconscious where you are able to create change at the level of where you hold all your feelings and emotions.

In hypnotherapy, patients are helped by the therapist to reach what’s described as a relaxed state of consciousness, like being absorbed in a good book. Therapists may start by describing images that create a sense of security and well-being. They may then suggest ways of achieving specific goals, releasing feelings and emotions from a negative happening in their lives, or releasing addictions.

It is important to keep in mind that you are in total control while you are in hypnosis,  you are the one in charge. You will talk with me and decide what changes you need to make that allow you to reach a optimal state of health, happiness and wellbeing.

All hypnotherapy sessions are confidential, unless you are a danger to yourself or somebody else, then by law a therapist is required to let your doctor or someone else know in order to ensure your safety and the safety of others.  All registered and unregistered therapists work under the Department of Health Code of Conduct. If you would like to read more about the code, click here.

You only have to go to the testimonials page, where you will find videos and written testimonials by clients sharing with you their experience on how successful hypnotherapy was in helping change a lot of negative thoughts and behaviours which has lead to a happier and more rewarding life.

It is recommended you consider attending two sessions, the first session dealing with the emotional issue and creating the change, and the second to make any adjustments if necessary and reinforce the achievements that were made in the first session.

As an example; In most cases it is possible to stop smoking after just one session but for some people it could take a couple of sessions. Why? When we start smoking it is often ‘the in thing to do’. Through repetition this becomes a habit. You have come to get help, so part of you obviously wants to release the habit.  But, for some, the habit has escalated to a coping method for some sort of stress in your life. That stress can come from childhood, or other happenings in your life.  If smoking is now a stress coping method, I will release that negative energy and you will give up smoking easily, with no craving, no withdrawal symptoms, just not wanting to smoke anymore.  If that doesn’t happen, we have missed something that you either haven’t told me, or forgotten, but is still in the mind.  It is my job to find what that is to help you stop smoking.

There are other examples on the testimonial page where long-standing anxieties are released in the one session, despite having tried lots of things for a number of years without success.

(The testimonials, will validate that for you.)  *Be aware, that some clients would not wish to be seen for some sensitive issues on the Internet, and would not want to be recognised by speaking about their session.

You might like to book a further session if you wish to learn self hypnosis or Emotional Freedom Techniques that will allow you to do self-ongoing work on things you wish to achieve in your life.

Some health funds cover members of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA). Please check directly with your health fund to determine if hypnotherapy is covered.  Some front desk people will tell you that they do cover hypnotherapy, but when you go to claim, you find that they only cover psychologists who do hypnotherapy – so check that they will cover members of the AHA. You would need to be in an ‘extras’ cover to obtain a refund.

For further reading go here…  If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on my contact page.

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